Day 88, FREE to be YOUng: Get De-LIGHT-ful Results, Communicate with Your Inner Teacher

My letters to my Inner Teacher have added peace, joy, truth, harmony, beauty and success in many areas in my life! Therefore, of course, this journal entry has added to my Super-Aging!

This fourth journal log I believe is the most important one. The chakra designation is the heart chakra, considered # 4 in most yogic traditions. The color is green. If you keep just one part of the journal, I suggest you do this. Through years of observing my advanced students struggling with life’s challenges, I noticed the people who were writing to their Inner Teachers fared the best with living a victorious life.  I’m aware that being in direct dialogue (preferably daily contact) with our Divine Nature enhances and empowers our lives.

The suggestion here is to write at least one memo or letter to your Inner Teacher once a day. The Inner Teacher I believe is the part of your soul that is pure light and love and hasn’t forgotten you are a Child of God. Other names are Heart Self, Higher Self, Real Self.  This Divine part of you doesn’t care what you call it.  He/She does like to be called! He/She does enjoy working cooperatively in making the most of your incarnation.

Since this part of you doesn’t have an ego problem, you can be completely frank and direct. There are no societal beliefs here to hold your back. Nothing will offend this portion of you. Although respect is a good thing! Ask for the help you need and want to create the life situations, talents and the outer and inner characteristics you desire. You can ask for help in all aspects of your life. You can ask for the changes you are yearning for that will bring you into a closer relationship and unity with this Being, Your Soul Expression, who remembers that they are a Child of God.

Talking throughout the day with the Inner Teacher is a step in wisdom. It brings de-LIGHT-ful results.

Remember to be grateful and give thanks also!

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