Day 91, FREE to be YOUng: Taking Responsibility and Responding Ably

This journal entry is related to the indigo or violet chakra 6. This level is twofold. And dealing with its challenges and offerings has aided me in being a Super-Ager with a purpose.

1. Here is where we examine our willingness to take responsibility for the lessons around us and our soul journey. Certainly this was where I was most resistant consistently for many years. Teaching was okay. Coaching was okay.  Just being called a healer and a psychic with gifts of the spirit wasn’t okay. And most of the time still isn’t the way I want to be known. My love of freedom wanted to stay free of doing a quarterly newsletter. I asked Rolf Goedhart to lay out a Christmas letter to my students. He agreed and said, “This is a newsletter. Good.  It’s time you started a newsletter.”

I said, “No, it is not a newsletter! This is a Christmas letter.” We tossed these sentences back and forth with very few changes in the wording. And Rolf, won. Four months later, we produced the first of what totaled 43 newsletters spanning a decade.  There were many different teams of editors, writers, and people who helped with the mailings during that decade.  And I am thankful.

It was an offer from the Universe via Rolf and I finally accepted. The Buddhists have a very purposeful statement about not refusing invitations. If it adds to the detriment of any one do not accept. Otherwise, do accept invitations and I think that means for visits or for professional/educational/maturational ventures.

So, at this level take a look at how much responsibility you are taking for being the best, most beautiful most useful you for the planet.

2. This is where you can write the Aha’s in your life and new beliefs that you might choose after doing your emotional bookkeeping and reviewing messages from your dreams.

Paul Solomon often referred to the people who presented us with the strongest emotional lessons as “Wise Men Bearing Gifts”. You could include here the most bothersome cast members of your movie, the lessons they represent, the impressions you have of them and what responsible changes you would like to make in your own responses by thought, word and deed. Remember to forgive yourself as one of the actions chosen for creating the uncomfortable give and take. When we accept responsibility for any one of our karmic situations (all those pesky lessons in the home, at work, in sports, etc.) we can step across a threshold away from negative emotions into objectivity that is alive with juicy, delightful feelings.  At least until the next karmic lessons rears its head with another “Wise Person Bearing Gifts” or static in our life.

At the 6th chakra we take responsibility for climbing the ladder of consciousness!

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