Day 91, FREE to be YOUng: “Then I’m Going to Shine on You, That Is What I’m Going to Do.”

This journal entry is related to the white chakra 7. The title of this posting is from a song by an old friend of mine, who might not want her name published with this line. (If you want to claim it, I’ll gladly give you credit!)  This line, “Then I’m Going to Shine on You, That Is What I’m Going to Do.” and the entire song inspired my students for many years. Specifically, I remember these lyrics helping me through facing and recovering quickly from a hysterectomy in 1987.

These words state clearly what the 7th chakra is about: Learning to shine in daily life and believing the message of Jesus from The Sermon on the Mountain. The ultimate quotation about being light is from Matthew 5:14. The verses in the song “You Are the Light of the World” from Godspell contain most of the quotation from that verse. This is another song that has inspired me through decades.

More on Godspell:

Remember at the 7th terrace on the Inner Light Consciousness Mountain, we proclaim the following affirmations which may seem very foreign. These three affirmations are supposedly the only three beliefs we need to hold to stay on the planet: 

“I have Infinite Power, when

I am in Absolute Harmony, with that

That Has Eternal Duration.”

Even the moments we are aspiring for this quality of purity and wisdom our auric field expands and becomes more of a healing light for every circumstance around us. We shine.  Kirlian photography has proven that if we think light, our energy field becomes broader and lighter.

This is meditative journaling to open to the love and the energy of Divine Love and Light bestowed upon us. If you receive messages they will be positive and empowering.  If not, know you are not yet reaching the right source and pray more diligently.

Following are prayers to use:

The Lord’s Prayer , or

Dear Source of Creation,  

Please guide my path and lead me to a closer more intimate relationship with you that will bring Divine Love and Divine Purpose into my life. Thank you for all the opportunities you present to me. Amen.

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