Day 95, FREE to be YOUng: Teaching Virginia Satir’s Colleagues with Paul Solomon: An Initiation of Forgiveness

I am convinced that our role models, heroes, and heroines enhance our chances of being Super-Agers. They inspire us to be more, do more and stay longer.

When I first mentioned Virginia Satir om Day 93, I used Ruth Chusid’s description: a Nordic Goddess in Street Clothes. In retrospect, Virginia actually was as close to being a priestess and a saint as I can imagine any woman being. Her presence was healing even in a large auditorium. Virginia was consistently objective, clear thinking, and expressed only positive enhancing emotions. She was empathetic, thereby quite psychic and probably clairvoyant. I’m sure she saw auras although she wouldn’t mention it. She was a closet spiritual teacher consistently encouraging people to evolve to a higher consciousness in order to make harmonious win-win choices to create peace.

In 1979 she reluctantly admitted to the intimate group discussed below that she was a “closet spiritual teacher” and that she had meditated for many years. She acknowledged that if that had been a known fact her reputation and respect as a consultant to Universities around the planet, Canadian Provinces, International Committees on Family Therapy and Mental Health, etc. and as the author of books used in master degree curriculums around the world for training social workers and family therapists would be shattered.

How honored and enhanced my life has been because of the time I spent in her presence and the time she spent in my head. She often chose me to take on the role of the youngest girl in a family reconstruction during family therapy workshops. Because of that I received hours of therapy from Virginia in that role-playing construct.

Virginia was selfless, depriving herself of a home in order to serve the myriad requests for her teachings around the world. It was not humanly possible for her to fulfill all of the requests she received for consulting and teaching. She seldom took any time off.  When she could she requested that workshops be arranged at tropical resorts where she did take 3 hour lunch breaks to swim, write and relax. She traveled in much the same way as Jesus informed the disciples in Matthew 10:10 (Lexham Expanded Bible): Do not [take] a traveler’s bag for the road, or two tunics, or sandals, or a staff, for the worker [is] deserving of his provisions. Granted she took a bit more on the road than two tunics and sandals. Remember the 17 cases at the airport?

In 1979 Virginia Satir asked Paul Solomon to teach an Inner Light Consciousness workshop to her closest colleagues/friends from around the country. The group would gather in Silver Spring, Maryland. Paul knowing that I had studied with Virginia Satir invited me to co-teach. In fact, Paul had encouraged me to incorporate several of Virginia’s techniques into the advanced trainings’ of the Fellowship of Inner Light always giving her credit. He knew I would enjoy seeing her again and surmised that I would know many of the participants she had invited. Two thirds of the group had been in advanced workshops I had taken with Virginia.

Co-teaching Virginia’s closest colleagues with Paul was an unusual opportunity. What an occasion to co-teach a spiritual workshop with my spiritual mentor to my family therapy mentor’s network. I knew it was an initiation and Paul assured me that it would be.

Paul flew on to Alaska after the workshop and I drove his car back to Virginia Beach the day after the workshop. As I drove I chanted a Sufi wazifa requesting forgiveness an hour or more. I prayed that everything and anything that needed to be forgiven in my life would be. Surprisingly this culminated with my experiencing an intense, long wave of forgiveness that I saw and felt as a towering fountain of sparkling, energizing Light showering and cleansing every cell of my body. Thankfully my guardian angel kept me in the right lane and on the right path. 

Following that shower of light and forgiveness at age 38, I felt healthier than ever before, had more energy and looked younger.

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