Day 99, FREE to be YOUng: Everything in the Universe Operates According to Universal Laws, Including God.

Discovering, the Universal Laws of Spiritual Development in my first Inner Light Consciousness class in 1975, felt both overwhelming and reassuring to me. Life became more exciting and interesting as I contemplated these Universal Laws. This esoteric knowledge was barely mentioned in sermons I heard by Methodist or Congregational ministers, Unitarian ministers or Catholic priests. I am still overwhelmed when I read The Universal Laws of Spiritual Development or contemplate the laws one by one. Often I feel lifted into an atmosphere of blankness (hopefully close to emptiness) when I begin to think of the laws. And I know there is a long way for me to really begin to comprehend them. When I ponder these laws, there is no room for boredom in my life!

There are several different listings of the Universal Spiritual Laws on the internet.  Paul Solomon never gave a reference for this knowledge that I remember.  Although I surmise some of the work of Dione Fortune was included in this listing.

Each law is worth thinking about and meditating on for an extended period. Somewhere in my reading of Paramahansa Yoganada I recall his advice:

Read spiritual material for 5 minutes and then contemplate what you have read for 1 hour.

I believe that is excellent advice for absorbing the Universal Laws of Spiritual Development.

#1 as per ILC Text 1975:  “Everything in the Universe operates according to Universal Laws, including God. If a thing has been accomplished on this earth or in this Universe by any being, then it can be accomplished by any other being, given the same conditions and applying the energy in the same way. GOD IS NOT WHIMSICAL ANSWERING WHOMEVER HE PLEASES.  THE SOURCE OF LIVING LOVE HONORS ITS OWN LAWS.”

Enjoy the contemplation of that law! It’s good at this point to realize again that we are Child Gods!

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