Day 101, FREE to be YOUng: The Inner Voice Is a Still Small Voice

Day 101, FREE to be YOUng: The Inner Voice Is a Still Small Voice

Today let’s examine Universal Laws of Spiritual Development #’s 4 & 6 from the ILC manual of 1975:


We close our eyes to hear something better. To apply this spiritually, we must turn off the physical senses to enhance spiritual perceptions.”


The voices of the sense and appetites are screaming things.  It is the nature of spirit to be heard only by those who wish to hear its voice.  The chatter of the mind needs to be stilled to hear that quiet voice.”

It was my great pleasure to teach twin freshmen girls in East Chicago, Indiana in the early 60’s. One of the sisters was totally blind, the other had perfect vision. It was my first experience working with a blind student. Within days of the beginning of the semester, she knew everyone’s gait and footsteps, their positioning in the room, besides of course, she recognized every student’s voice and even the scent of their favorite flavored (forbidden by the administration) gum. I’m sure her senses of touch and taste were also highly developed. She was sweet and ironic at the same time enjoying her ability to participate fully.

In retrospect I realize that several of the other students were numbed and dulled by being 14 years old from an industrial neighborhood and confined by enforced school hours. They certainly were not fully using their sense of sight. People who travel in a car with me have often expressed in amazement, “You see so much more than I see!” I encourage you to become more feely-touchy and increase your use of your senses. It is helpful to spend five minutes concentrating on each sense separately.

With these two Universal Laws in mind we can aid our spiritual seeking by the following steps:

Be in a quiet environment

Close our eyes for meditation unless we are doing a skrying (eye open) meditation on a holy symbol, flower or candle.

Dim the lights or be away from glaring lights

Arrange a position of comfort without physical distraction as much as possible 

There is the classical line of meditation teachers: “When you start meditating you’ll discover more itchy body parts than you knew existed!”

Slow the breathing and to breathe more deeply

Methods of breathing for meditation and deep relaxation (therefore physical, mental and emotional healing) will be covered next week in FREE to be YOUng.

Again, when I ponder these Universal Laws of Spiritual Development there is no room for boredom in my life!

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