Day 109, FREE to be YOUng: The Air Breath with the Concentrations of Respect, Harmony and Equality and a Trick to Stay Cool

For me the heart chakra is placed in the center of the chest between the nipples and is the seat of caring and delight in others, spirit and nature. There are times when I’m aware of this interchange of breathing in and breathing out that I think of the great work of our lungs 24/7 and the symbolism of taking in the world and giving out to the world in respect and equality.

Here are the directions for doing the Air Breath associated with the fourth or heart chakra:

 Inhale and exhale 5 times through the mouth with the concentration of respect and equality and the color green for the fourth/heart chakra.

This opened mouth breathing is also used for “cooling down” in heated temperatures physically and emotionally.  Dogs pant to stay cool. It was with deep gratitude that a South Carolinian taught me how to breathe to stay cool at a Dances of Universal Peace Camp on the beach in North Carolina. The temperature felt 108 + degrees Fahrenheit.  She demonstrated the breath and then told me to breath in and out of the mouth slowly with the tongue rolled up on the sides. As Climate Change may be raising the temperature in your area, I suggest practicing this and having this cooling breath in your survival kit.

Tomorrow the ether breath will be covered and then on the 21st of April, the 5 breaths can be experienced as a devotional tool.

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