Day 117: Massaging the Eye Sockets for Sinus/Allergy Issues and Facial Lymph Drainage for a Healthy Youthful Look

Years ago while running a four level school, co-directing a healing center, raising a special needs daughter in a foreign country, being a single parent, working one or two weekends a month, doing two or three past life regression sessions 5 days a week and being the “chief cook and bottle washer”, I felt some stress! So, I very often felt pain around my eyes. I relieved that pain by massaging my eye sockets. The following link on YOU TUBE goes above and beyond what I knew then. By the way, I seldom feel the need for this massage now. Of course, I am now using a nasal spray for allergies and taking an antihistamine as needed—none of which I did then.

Acupressure Self-care for Healthy Eyes and Sinuses

I also just discovered this wonderful video for looking young and “sexy”. More importantly this massage encourages and improves the work of the lymph system. That will enhance the health and Super-Aging of males and females alike!

Sexy Over 50 – Daily Lymphatic Drainage Massage How To Get Rid Of Baggy Eyes

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