Day 118: More on Self-Massages for Super-Aging: Jaw Joint Massage and Gua Sha Chinese Facial Massage

During the extremely busy years as a spiritual guide in Norway, I often had jaw pain and it often reflected into the outside of the thigh. Massaging both spots relieved the aching. My Scandinavian doctor rolled his eyes when I mentioned this. He had no advice for either pains. Yesterday’s post included a soft (and sexy?) lymphatic massage that I am sure can relieve this kind of pain.

From Tight Jaw…

It appears that the jaw is one of the places where it is easy to store stress.  The suggested walking, meditation and deep breathing I was doing wasn’t enough to relieve the stress of being “on” from 7:30 am to 10:30 pm.  My suggestion is to take time to regenerate and be involved with giving and taking. Ah, to learn balance hasn’t always been easy for me. And I hear so many others talking about their need to create balance.

This online reference suggests: “Massaging your jaw may help increase blood flow and reduce muscle tightness. You can try this by opening your mouth and gently rubbing the muscles next to your ears in a circular motion. This is the area where the temporo-mandibular joints are located. Try this several times a day, including right before bed.”

The following facial massage is a Chinese tradition. This is a quick teaching video. I’ve only done the process two times and I intend to add this to my Super-Aging regime:

Here is another reference that is a longer demonstration of this Chinese wisdom for beauty and health:  

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