Day 119: A Self—Massage for Preventing/Curing Neck Aches and Caring for the 3 Nervous Systems

Many years ago Tiger Balm was my great friend because I carried so much tension in my neck. If I rubbed Tiger Balm on my neck before sleeping when I awoke in the morning my neck was mobile and relaxed again.  I recently threw away a tin of dried up Tiger Balm that I no longer use because:

  1. The Feldenkrais eye exercise given on Day 40 of this blog relieves neck tensions and aches nearly instantaneously. I have been using that eye exercise to relieve neck and shoulder aches for 35 years.
  • The self-massage described below relieves neck aches and more. It supposedly reflexes to the 3 nervous systems of the body. The massage is done just under the occipital bone. Every time I do this massage, I release primarily by burping and belching and yawning. When my yawning and burping stop, I discontinue this gentle neck massage. My belief is I am still in need of massage as long as I am releasing.

This massage was the last treatment given in my Polarity Therapy Training Class. My understanding was that at that time it did not have the total stamp of approval as an official Polarity massage. I am so glad it was taught.  It has brought great relief to me over 30 years. The back of the neck (supposedly) reflects to and, when the area is massaged, cares for the Peripheral  Nervous System which is divided into three separate subsystems, the somaticautonomic, and enteric nervous systems.

To prepare for the massage:

Ideally–place your 3 middle finger tips of both hands vertically along the top of the spinal cord just under the occipital bone. So, on both hands your index, middle, ring and pinky finger tips are resting on either side of the top of the spinal column. AND–IF this is unclear just use soft finger tips under the occipital bone.

Then gently massage the entire back of the neck in little circles from the spinal cord to the ears. Repeat several times. For each “trip” across the back of my neck I take about 15 seconds. If you are releasing stuck energies by burping or yawning or giggling, etc. I suggest you continue until the releasing stops. Body workers know that when releasing is happening, the body is letting go of energies stuck in the fascia. So, know that relief is happening, cells are becoming more flexible and health is being served.

I googled nervous systems, here is a link to Wikipedia which seemed the easiest for me to understand:

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