Day 120: Orgasm –Does It Prevent Cancer, Enhance Cognition and Improve Skin Tone?

Twenty years ago an oncology nurse confided in me that there was a strong supposition in the clinic where she worked and in the medical world that women who orgasm-ed once a week did NOT get cancer. At that time I thought, “Hmm, interesting. I’m ahead by a few years.” And, forty years ago was I was called into a healing session for a couple who had asked a colleague healer for advice. The husband had just been diagnosed with bone cancer and an x-ray had revealed a hole in the middle thigh bone. I was brought in as a witness to assure the couple that the tantric teaching that evening was not a misuse of sexuality by the healer. The couple was instructed to have the husband orgasm every day and for the wife to assist in the massaging of his penis. He had instructions during that appointment on how he could learn to reverse his semen in the Indian tantric tradition. He reported he learned to do that in three days. He managed to work as normal although he was low in energy. In addition to his regular healthy diet he was advised to eat a can of asparagus a day. He continued to pray and to meditate as a spiritual student. Within 3 months his doctor was shocked to find out that the hole in the thigh bone was rebuilt and there was no sign of bone cancer. So, in this case orgasms healed this case of cancer in a man. I know that he stayed free of cancer for several decades. Orgasms seem to aid Super-Aging! My friends over 70 years of age rarely discuss sex. My women friends under 50 years of age talk freely about sex, vibrators and masturbation. And, of course, the “Grace and Frankie” references for vibrators are making it easier for women at any age to discuss this topic:  with Stephen Colbert. From this link: “Oxytocin which is released in intimacy and orgasm is known to create feelings of well being aiding health.” Here is a reference for Healthy Skin: Following is reference on preventing cancer to which I lost the link, sorry. It was from: Feb 7, 2017 – The Health Benefits of Orgasm for Women – “Whether solo or with a partner, … Women who have intercourse at least once a week are more likely to have … process to improve digestion and mood and help prevent cancer.” Here is a reference for sexual activities enhancing cognition and improved health generally: To your health.
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