Day 123: More on Gratitude: “Accept Praise and Criticism with the Same Attitude of Gratitude”

A friend who was a long time participant of AA taught me this valuable phrase: “Accept praise and criticism with the same attitude of gratitude.” This phrase has made Super-Aging more comfortable and inviting for me.

We all know how nice it is, even if it embarrasses us, to receive praise.

So many people turn inward, or become embarrassed, or feel bullied, and lose self-esteem when receiving criticism.

This phrase, “Accept Praise and Criticism with the Same Attitude of Gratitude” gave me a new vision on relating. I often shared it with psycho-spiritual students. The first time people hear the phrase there is often of blank stare as the sub-conscious mind begins to unravel the meaning. Some people start sputtering phrases like: “How can that be?” And then there seems to be a peace that settles into the consciousness when the phrase is understood.  Since accepting this phrase, praise seems pleasantly sweet and not spectacular and criticism is so much easier to hear and to consider.  I seldom feel criticized. (And I admit that I am quite careful with the friendships I build and keep!)  It is a benefit to feel helped, supported, empowered and cared for when people give me advice that I earlier would have considered criticism.

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