Day 126: Does It? Will It? Has It Aided Your Super-Aging? Talking about “The 5 Steps of Communication” and Resolving Karma

Does It? Will It? Has It Aided Your Super-Aging? I am talking about The 5 Steps of Communication to improve your relationships to others and to the self. And–as I learned through years of doing and administering regression therapy (this life or past lives) it also resolves karmic situations.

Changing to a healthy diet in my late 20’s added to health, vitality, ended headaches, improved my health and stamina in more ways than I probably know.

The 5 Steps of Communication I learned at 27 years of age was the next important step of becoming and wanting to become a Super-Ager. I learned it by rote at the beginning and kept the list of The 5 Steps above my telephone for a year to make sure I was learning to share “All of Me”.  All of me is the knowing and responding appropriately to my physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and decision bodies. Here are the steps:

  1. What are my objective observations from my 5 senses? (Input of physical body-1st chakra.)
  2. What do I think about those observations? (Input of mental body-2nd chakra.)
  3. How am I feeling about my observations and thoughts? (Input of emotional body-3rd chakra.)
  4. What do I value here? Or what would bring more harmony to my feelings about my feelings in this situation? (Input of spiritual body-4th chakra.)
  5. What do I want to do or say (or not say) to bring a healthier situation? (Input of action body-5th chakra.)

Many people share and are conscious of tidbits of themselves and then lead a life of “quiet desperation” without understanding what is missing or what is possible.

Classically executive types often share observations, thoughts and decisions. I believe that our climate would not be in the difficulty it is today if executives and politicians would have considered their emotions (about the 7th generation after them) and their hearts’ values rather than their revenues.

The saddest people I have met are those that only share their observations and have received strong discipline and deprecation from a parent if they dared to share their thoughts, emotions, values and decisions.

Much more on The 5 Steps will follow in the knowledge that they add to a life worth living.

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