Day 127: Who Have I Known? What Did I Think? What Do I Think Now?

What WERE they thinking? What WAS he thinking? What WAS she thinking? What WAS I thinking? These are questions we have probably asked ourselves after observing or experiencing self-inflicted misfortunes. Step 2 of The 5 Steps of Communication is “What do I think about my observations.” For the next week we will look closely at our thinking and how we were trained to think as children which possibly/probably could be erroneous.

“Don’t believe everything you think.” Thinking can be so erroneous. For most of us unless we are born as a masterful being, our thinking is clouded and distorted by our family and our society.

There are 3 exercises that helped me see my thoughts more clearly. And really, I believe this possible distortion of thinking needs to be addressed hourly. Thinking clearly aids Super-Aging and aids us in avoiding destructive and compromising situations. Each one of these exercises does not take as long as you might think. These 3 tasks over the next 3 days if you “choose this mission” will roll out of your memory onto your computer or tablet.  I do suggest you make a record of them.

Today: make a list of 500 people that you have known/seen/or encountered.

As you do this you will probably remember a myriad of thoughts (possibly not objective observations) you held about these individuals. If you delve early enough into your life, you will undoubtedly remember how you might have been programmed to believe about someone.

For me the greatest take away from this exercise was that I could identify and drop my parents’ negative programming about each other’s relatives. I then made an effort to establish my own unobstructed adult relationship with my aunts and uncles. My relationship to Aunt Ella Pippenger, one of the disparaged aunts, brought much joy and delight into my daughter’s life and mine.

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