May 8, Day 128: Oh, the Places I’ve Been, In fact 500 Places I’ve Been

This exercise of jotting down 500 places I had been and known was revealing. I recaptured some of the innocence of my childhood and both positive and negative programming. Recollecting 500 places we have been can help us recover some of our early programming and habits of thought.

This is not adding up the cities you have visited on Face Book. If you choose to do this task, it really is more about picnic tables, waiting at the school bus stop, ice skating at the park, having an ice cream cone with grandpa, swinging on a tree limb, your favorite spot at the library, getting lost from a parent in a large store. It is not about towns and cities. It is about recovering early childhood memories as much as possible and the thoughts you were thinking then and the feelings those thoughts evoke.

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