Day 130: Feelings, “Nothing More than Feelings”, Emotional Feelings As a Response to Our Thoughts/Beliefs.

Oh, what about those feelings that can overwhelm us, defeat us or inspire us?  Our emotional body responds to what we are thinking. As a water sign (the feely/touchy ones of the Zodiac), a Scorpio, I early on in life thought my feelings came before my thoughts. As I matured and worked with emotional management skills, I discovered my emotional responses quickly followed my unconscious thoughts or fleetingly conscious thoughts. This knowledge made life much more bearable and fun.

Here is an example of emotions in response to a belief:

If I think/believe that “men get more opportunities than women,” I could feel:

Angry and bitchy

Despondent and weak

Worried and/or fearful

Disappointed and sorry for myself

Confused and immobilized

Self-love and energized

I really could feel any number of emotions to that one THOUGHT/belief (Step 2 of The 5 Steps). Hopefully, I would FEEL (Step 3 of The 5 Steps) determined to get myself into the mix and BELIEVE (Step 4 of The 5 Steps) that I could make the most of my opportunities or even CHOOSE and CREATE (Step 5 of The 5 Steps) my own opportunities.

Emotions that deplete us weaken our immune system (Science now confirms this.) therefore they are NOT supporting Super-Aging. So, it is an important step in maturation to understand that emotions and new beliefs can be chosen to strengthen self-appreciation and the immune system as well as valuing others.

With that listing of the 500 beliefs held—you might want to go back and jot down beside belief/thought one the emotion/s you felt (possibly chose as a child) in response to that belief.

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