Day 132: I’m Sentimental Today – It’s Mother’s Day. Rejoicing in My Teacher/s of Love.

Today was to be about Step 5: The Action Body of The 5 Steps. Well, I made a wish (that later I realized was a decision!) in my early 30’s as a single woman that A. I needed a partner and B. I needed to experience mothering to learn how to love—REALLY love. The A. didn’t happen. The B. did happen.

I rejoiced today feeling deliciously sentimental and at times tearfully blessed.  I have been honored and blessed to walk through 43 years with Laurie Shanti Pippenger, my daughter, a peaceful victor. I’m so glad God, my Inner Teacher/Soul/Heart Self heard me make that decision to be a mother to learn how to love. Thank you for sending Laurie to me. And thank you, Laurie, for choosing me. Laurie has definitely added to me longevity and desire for Super-Aging

I do not know a better teacher of love than Laurie, my high functioning Down syndrome daughter, other than The Dalai Lama. Her smile is almost always the same as it was as a baby. She has the same compassionate, accepting, inclusive enveloping smile that says “I cherish you and welcome you fully in my life” that she had at 6 months, 6 years, 16 years, etc. When she was an infant, I quickly realized that she loved others as much as she loved me. The “normal” babies in our community didn’t do that.  They loved their mommy’s best! For a 3 or 4 days I was jealous. Thankfully I quickly learned to rejoice in her ability to encompass everyone she met with acceptance and compassionate love.

Yes, I’ve seen her perturbed at people she loves and downright pissy-faced at times and temporarily feeling shocked at a new experience with new people. That is generally over in minutes. I have only witnessed her showing total dislike and taking precaution toward three people—she knew they each meant her harm.

Tibetan Buddhist Philosophy advises us to treat everyone we meet as if they are and have been our kind mother. Every day is Mothers’s Day!

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