Day 138: “Aging Isn’t for Sissies.” And That First Big Lesson In Self-Esteem and/or Courage Is Usually around Age 29

Bette Davis’ famous quote about old age not being for sissies I think is appropriate this week.  Everyone I have known at age 60 to about age 65 talks about the difficulties of aging and quotes Bette Davis over and over. Then we seniors get used to it. At that point, we have 2 choices as I see. We can either suck it up and buckle down into learning and practicing Super-Aging activities or sink into the morass of our bodies/minds slowing down and die a little every day. Aging takes courage.

I think life on earth is no place for sissies. Most of my friends and I are lucky our courage comes person to person or person to group and not army to army or person to army.

Certainly for most of my friends, we are extremely lucky to be living in countries/territories where bullets aren’t flying (I do stay out of southeast Washington DC for that reason), with ample food, clean water, wonderful shelter and even today in Virginia, air-conditioning.  

The first big lesson in self-esteem and/or courage comes around age 29. Any lesson up to that point on self-esteem and courage is preliminary preparation!

I’ve written about these 2 years at Proviso High School as part of my path to Super-Aging because I believe at that Saturn return in my late 20’s I had to face my greatest life’s challenge and learn courage. Facing that challenge has made life in general and aging specifically easier.

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