Day 144: A Religious Slogan that Actually Is Often a Bumper Sticker: “Jesus Loves Me This I Know.” At Age 5 It Was a Comfort to Know That I Was Loved with No Ifs, Ands or Buts

My parents couldn’t agree on a Christian church home. They solved this issue by not going to church. They did share some basic truths that they had been taught when they did attend church.

Around age 5, they individually would sing the Sunday School song “Jesus Loves Me This I Know” to me and with me. At that age I really had no idea who this historical person or religious person was. It was a comfort to know that I was loved without conditions. In Midwestern Caucasian homes at that time hugging and cuddling began to diminish greatly at 5. This song-slogan helped me feel worthy and lovable.  I wasn’t taught the version of “my sin” for which I am grateful.

Later after age 7 I was sent to Summer School Bible Camps and learned more about this fellow who loved me.  Feeling worthy and lovable creates a healthy self-esteem and regard for life. These attitudes aid Super-Aging conditions!

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