Day 145: “You Know What Grandma Needs.” A Label I Earned at 5: The First Hint of Clairsentience that I Successfully Forgot for Many Years.

I believe that we each have one area of our soul expression that possesses a potential “gift of the wisdom from the gifts of The Holy Spirit”. I believe that each of us possess and can develop one of the higher sentient gifts. These gifts are too often unrecognized and underdeveloped.  The most common of these gifts are clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. This site lists 8 gifts some of which I have grouped with other gifts:

During the summer of 1956 when I was still 5 years old I often heard, “Come tell us what Grandma needs. We can’t (the adults) understand her. She’s asking for you.” My grandmother was in her final days of her life in the heat of summer on my grandfather’s farm in Indiana. In my innocent, clear 5 year old mind, I could intuit what she needed—water or juice or to be lifted up. I could read her eyes, her feelings and her mind. Her speech was too distorted from a stroke for adults to understand.

This was the first recognition of being Clairsentient: knowing what other people (Grandma in this case) are thinking, feeling, needing, believing and wanting. I’m sure I used it unconsciously many times. The people around me only recognized it in this case and allowed me to forget this characteristic. Later, as I began having intimate relationships and taught school and then began coaching/counseling I again realized that I knew what other people thought and felt. Sometimes it is a blessing and sometimes it feels like a curse.

After deep meditation training, I occasionally saw auras and flashes of people’s past lives but this gift was not consistent. I remember discussing this with a clairvoyant after I shared that I felt insufficient since I seldom could employ clairvoyance. She answered, “Ruthann, if I felt what you feel and see what I see, it would be too much to deal with and vice versa: if you saw what I see and feel what you feel, it would be too much for you.”  We are generally protected by having only one of the gifts of the spirit.

What gifts of spirit did you use as a child? Did the label stick? Or have you forgotten and/or laid the gift aside? Those gifts of the spirit definitely aid many areas of life and definitely can pave the way to Super-Aging.

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