Day 147: A Label that Feels Many Lifetimes Old—“You Are a Teacher.” It Was Attached to Me at Age 9

It is important to find the correct, real, meaningful labels that enhance our soul and personality expression. Hopefully the adults around us help us find “Our Way”. And I’m so aware how lucky any followers of this post are and I am because we are not forced to spend hours searching for water or food. Nor do we have to hide from bullets and bombs in a hell on earth. We have time to discover and fulfill the hobbies and professions that feed our souls.

Hoping you have found your “life purpose”. Numerology, astrology and your hardest life lesson (what you need to develop to overcome that lesson) can lead the way to your life purpose or purposes.

My life purpose became quite clear at age 9. “Ruthann, you are a good reader. Please work with … and … ( two children who had just entered our classroom—who were sons of transient construction workers who were building the toll roads west). Help them become better readers.” Mrs. Robins assured three of us at age 9: “You can teach. Share what you know.”  So Judy, Jeanne and I were chosen. We each had two pupils-one on either side- to tutor 1 hour a day close to Mrs. Robin’s supervision. This assignment did not hurt our reading levels as our parents feared. We became better readers because we were tutoring others.

Teaching felt natural to me. It was one label I have loved and still love and will probably “love” for many more lifetimes. I have taught Language Arts, speed reading, parenting skills, mastering emotions skills, meditation, past life identifiers, communication skills, family sculpting, family therapy, body language, piano and many more subjects. And I’m never bored. I am convinced my “life purpose” is to aid others in their growth and development of the soul no matter the subject I’m teaching. That is a wonderful motivation to want to be a Super-Ager.

I can thank Mrs. Robbins for beginning my career as a teacher this lifetime. Who inspired you and are you an inspiration/guide to a child in your life?

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