Day 148: “Everything and Everybody Prospers Me Now and I Prosper Everything and Everybody Now.” WORDS THAT INSPIRE: Slogans, Affirmations, Sayings

It is obvious that many of us are looking for inspiration and thoughts that can guide us to greater happiness, productivity, humanism, and a life worth living.  A life worth sticking around for: as in, ah yes, here I go again, Super-Aging.

During a day trip this weekend, I entered a shop where the product for sale was almost entirely inspiring slogans. They were in pretty frames and on napkins, bracelets, necklaces, greeting cards, wooden signs, pots for plants, booklets, stones, tea towels, etc.  Five per cent of the products were humorous and for me a bit gross.

Today I heard of an app that is entirely slogans:  SHINE. I haven’t checked it out yet and it was announced that you can even get the category of inspiration you want, for instance—JOY.

When I was 35 years of age Paul Solomon introduced me to a book filled with hundreds of affirmations and the science behind how they work best and why and when to use them. The book is: THE DYNAMIC LAWS OF PROSPERITY by Catherine Ponder. This material expanded the Precipitation Lecture of Inner Light Consciousness. I have been through many copies of the book myself: using them until they were tattered and scattered, loaning them out and never seeing them again.

If I had 10 books to take to a desert island, this would be one of them. And I would be rescued quickly!

I surmise that I have used her most classic affirmation at least 100,000 thousand times in the last 33 years. I usually say it once a day as I drive out of my driveway.

“Everything and everybody prospers me now and

I prosper everything and everybody now.”

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