Day 149: This Book Has Inspired Me for Many Years: “YOU DON’T HAVE TIME NOT TO READ THIS BOOK”

Years ago in The Netherlands, one of my dear friends often traveled an hour each way mid-week to meet with me and to advise me on ways to effectively publicize Peace Through Understanding lectures, retreats and workshops. I was grateful for his help and suggestions.

One night at the door as he was leaving at 10 PM, he mentioned that he and his brother were meeting with a bank manager at 10 in the morning regarding a loan. He stated that the bank had refused their request for a business loan a few months earlier.  I said, “Wait a minute. I have just the book you need.”

I handed him a copy of THE DYNAMIC LAWS OF PROSPERITY by Catherine Ponder.

He handed the book back saying, “I don’t have time to read a book” and started out the door.

I shoved the book in his hand and said, “You don’t have time NOT to read this book!” Scan it and get good advice!

After his hour drive home he scanned the book and found the perfect affirmations for working with his belief that he deserved the loan and affirmations to use with the bank manager. He got a few hours of sleep.

Yes, it worked! He and his brother were given the loan they needed to expand their business.

I am rereading Ponder’s most popular book once again. And guess my advice to you? Yes. You don’t have time Not to read THE DYNAMIC LAWS OF PROSPERITY.

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