Day 150: Claim Your Creative Force. “Why Is My Atheist Brother Rich with Successful Businesses, A Good Marriage, 3 Homes in Different Countries and I’m poor?”

Do you remember the comic strips that have dark clouds hanging over gloomy characters? When I remember the following student, I remember to create a bright light above my head and breathe in more chi.  This often gloomy (really I never saw her when she wasn’t gloomy) older female student complained. She could not understand why when she was SO spiritual and meditated daily how she could be so poor that she “was on the dole”.  She was envious that her atheist brother was rich, had three homes, several expensive cars, sent his kids to the finest schools abroad, vacationed lavishly and enjoyed his family, businesses, community and his prosperity.

She asked me how this could be since he was an atheist. I had advised her to watch her negative thinking in earlier discussions. Nothing had changed. Her personal script was filled with poor me slogans. She obviously had not written or recited a list of positive affirmations and hadn’t read Catherine Ponder’s book The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity as I had advised.

And I was aware that as a male her brother would have been favored in the family/community and would have been given opportunities to produce and excel. She was a child in The Netherlands during the 30’s depression and a tween in the wartime 40’s under the Nazi regime. Fear was a constant under German rule. Her brother was younger and born later during the war and as a baby and a toddler probably wasn’t aware of the intense dangers. At the time she my student, I didn’t know how to release deep traumas quickly from the body and sub-conscious simultaneously. I now imagine that her gloom was long standing terror from early childhood.

In exasperation when she asked again how he could be so rich and happy I said: “Your brother doesn’t need to believe in God because he KNOWS he creates his life. He knows that he is actually a creator of his universe. At some deep level he understands that he is a creator God. I imagine that he creates his good life with positive energy and beneficial thoughts all day long.”

She looked puzzled, wandered away and never consulted me again.

My comment to her was a great incentive for me to claim more of my creative force to live long and happily. 

Wishing you a long, prosperous and happy life!

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