Day 151: Let’s Back Up A Bit. What Is Self-Talk? Learn to Create Positive Self-Talk.

I just realized today that I jumped into the posting of slogans, affirmations, bumper stickers, etc. that have enhanced and inspired my life. AND didn’t share with you why and how this is so important. Possibly it was self-evident.

For clarity’s sake: The first time I heard the phrase “self-talk” was in the 80’s from a spiritual teacher, Paul Solomon. The phrase didn’t appeal to me, maybe because as a therapist I thought it was obvious.

In the basic Arica intensive class, 40 days of meditation training that I took in the 70’s, we talked about the “chich” in our head. “Chich”, “Chich”, “Chich”, etc. It was defined as all the blah, blah, blah we think about as we go about our day. That made sense to me. Self-talk and “chich” are the messages we send our self about who and what we are and what we can and cannot do.  During meditation that “chich” is often called the monkey mind.

My motivation for sharing the slogans and affirmations of my life has been to share with you and hopefully inspire you as I have been inspired.

Here is a brief, clear simple site on self-talk:

Tomorrow’s posting is also on self-talk and how it seeps from our unconscious mind to affect our day to day lives.

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