Day 152: Recognizing Our “Intimate” Slogans Leaking from the Sub-Conscious Mind. Are They Positive or Negative? Discovering Our Self-Talk.

Do you know your own slogans from your self-talk and also from your conversations?

As a regression therapist, I learned that often repeated negative phrases coming from clients were “slogans” and themes from traumatic events in this or other lifetimes. If you feel daring, ask your family members and your friends to remind you of phrases that seem to be themes in your attitude on life.

The most touching example I remember was from a sophisticated, quiet, warm-hearted 50 year-old Dutch male student. When I met him every paragraph seemed to have the phrase: “It’s so difficult” in it somewhere.  I learned that he had taken many meditation classes, attended many lectures on positive learning and was a devoted Catholic. After our lengthy intake session, I had noted that he had used that phrase 8 times.

And he had reasons in this lifetime to believe and repeat that phrase. He lived through Nazi occupation of his country and city.  At age 7, he lived through the bombing of the Bezuidenhout which took place on March 3, 1945 when the Royal Air Force mistakenly bombed the Bezuidenhout neighborhood in the Dutch city of The Hague. The homes were unrecognizable because of the rubble from the bombing and he was in shock. (I believe that he was still in shock from that incident when I met him 40 years later.) He was found wondering around in the middle of the night crying for his mother. Thankfully everyone in his family survived. To add to his difficulty, three years later he was sent to an elite strict residential Catholic school at age 10 to be “properly” raised as an upstanding upper-middle class man.

And when I took him into a hypnogogic state with this often repeated phrase: Within minutes he saw himself as a spiritual teacher and community leader sitting under a tree on a hilltop in China watching his male students walking off to war through the valley below.  All the time thinking, “It’s so difficult.” We explored the memory: It’s so

Difficult for the country to be at war.

Difficult for his school to be torn apart.

Difficult for the families to send their young men off.

Difficult for these spiritual boys to have to face battle and kill or be killed. 

In our work together, he said good-bye to each student one by one and blessed them. He forgave himself to be so involved with war (then and in his youth in this lifetime). Only a few of the young men came back from that war. As his session went on, sweetly I remembered being his loyal and longtime assistant in this lifetime. No wonder he seemed so dear to me. He and I both acknowledged that he was a wise, gentle, healer with great strength, a philosopher and a noble community leader then and and I reminded him that he filled that role now.  

Now to get personal with you about my leaking self-talk phrase:

My repetitive phrase which I seldom said aloud was, “I’ve got to get out of here!” I discovered that it was a theme for many lifetimes. It was my dying theme last lifetime, so then, of course, it was my birthing theme this lifetime. I spend 9 ½ months in utero and was saved by a C-section. The theme played out upon graduating from high school, after college, in a marriage, in a cult this lifetime and in changing cities/countries/abodes. I haven’t moved for 13 years, that’s a record!

A steadiness in life and I must admit all of the changes have both added to Super-Aging.

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