Day 154: Affirm Youthfulness and Health to Create Your Super-Aging.

Affirm youthfulness and health to create your Super-Aging. I feel more youthful when I do youthful affirmations and I believe the message communicates immediately to my cells. So, I believe affirming our youthfulness and health is helpful in Super-Aging.

Several years ago I discovered that many Buddhists proclaim their perfect physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state.  I heard the age of 17 was ideal for males. This may or may not be true. And I certainly didn’t want to go all the way back to age 17—I was not a disaster and I certainly wasn’t my ideal self! Possibly if I had been trained like a lama in a monastery for 13 years and was already proclaimed a lama (Ph.D. in religion) at 17 years of age, 17 might be a good choice especially for vitality. Many Buddhist teachers live to very old ages.  Of course, their students are often praying long life prayers for them, which I’m sure is a bonus. The Dalai Lama is 82 years old.

The Dalai Lama

However, I love the ideal of May Rowland who worked for the “Silent Unity” prayer department. It is simple and easy. I am convinced it is effective.

“I am young, strong and health. My body knows it and my body shows it!”

As always I wish you youthfulness and my favorite slogan:  I wish you peace, joy, truth, harmony and beauty.

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