Day 156: I “Got” that I Was Creating My Next Lifetime with Every Thought, Word and Deed.

Oops, a day late again.

As mentioned in the last posting I grokked the meaning of karma around the age of 35. The use of that word meant so much to me. The awareness of sowing and reaping my thoughts, words, values and deeds made sense to me and created an immediate impact. I decided that there were many changes I wanted to manifest as quickly as possible. 

It was also at this time that I started to do past life regression therapy. Not because I studied it and not because I advertised it. It happened because friends/fellow students/clients who trusted me came when they were in distress. My “normal” regression therapy with them started going into other lifetimes. So, rather suddenly I was feeling at home with reincarnation and repetitive karmic patterns that needed to be learned. I became a past life regression therapist rather quickly.

I was a new parent a few months later and one of the things that I was determined to change was parenting for me next lifetime. I wanted to insure that I would have fabulous parenting next lifetime and so I decided I would be the best parent that I could be to my daughter, Laurie. Hopefully next lifetime I’ll still have parents who teach me to lead a noble, loving, useful life and who also have good boundaries, great communication skills, compassion, understanding and all the skills great parents have!

This concept that I was created my next lifetime (and of course, next hour, next day and next year) with my every word, thought and deed brought more excitement, more intrigue and more emotional and mental adventure to my life. Boredom stopped quickly for me and added more vitality to my life.

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