Day 157: My Toddler Daughter Appeared to Have Instant Karma. I Was Impressed, Inspired and Intrigued.

When my daughter, Laurie Shanti Pippenger, diagnosed as Mosaic (high functioning) Down syndrome started walking I was often shocked. Her karma seemed to be instant. If she lost her temper at a playmate, she would bang her knee on a tricycle. If she pushed a playmate, she would stub her toe and fall. She caused herself to fall down before the other child could push her down. If she ran away from bedtime, she’d run into a door frame and come back for hugs, kisses and jammies. Her karma was instant. When I noticed this phenomenon, I started observing all of her playmates closely for a month. She was the only one with this pattern.

It seemed that she had an agreement with her soul:  If she did something that didn’t work for her or her companions or the world, she would be caught short and “held responsible” immediately. In fact in observing her, it seemed that her soul was upbraiding her instantly. She was reminded to be a good sport even at 18 months. Her soul was busy!

I wondered why that was so. And it wasn’t until years later that I understood. When I was pregnant with Laurie in Virginia Beach numerous psychics came up to me telling me that I was carrying a masterful being that beamed masses of light around me. I took that in with a “grain of salt”. Years later, after observing and hearing tales of her healing of others physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, I realized she was a masterful being after all. As a masterful being she had a deal with her soul to have instant karma as soon as it could manifest. She has created very few bad habits this lifetime. (She bit playmates in frustration from 2-5 when she didn’t feel understood–thankfully that stopped.)

And I am honored with some good karma from sometime to be her parent this lifetime!

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