Day 159: Karmic Talents: I Know We Return with Our Gifts and Talents from Previous Lives

Yes, I do believe we return with our gifts and our talents from previous lives. I believe remembering and revitalizing those talents can lead to a life well lived and promote Super-Aging. It was not difficult for me to play the piano as a child. I learned quickly and easily. And after several past life regressions, I remembered playing beautifully as a teenager in Russian parlors before the Revolution. I’ve chosen to be a “home pianist” and church pianist and teacher and never wanted to practice hours and hours a day to become a concert pianist which greatly disappointed my mother and two teachers.

Renewing and revitalizing the “talent” has made life interesting and enjoyable. Especially since listening (which would include playing) to classical music has these benefits which aid Super-Aging:

Here’s another example: A dear friend and colleague at spiritual retreats shared that he liked to hang out in a clock repair shop as a teenager.  He found it strange and interesting that he ended up there after school many times a week. His family found it very weird and teased him. One day the clock repairer could not figure out how to repair a clock that was made in the late 1700’s.  Thomas asked if he could take a look at the clock. The merchant handed him the clock. Thomas had it fixed within a very short time. Years later Thomas began to believe in past lives and realized that he had been a master clock maker two hundred years earlier.

What talents did you bring into this lifetime and are you using them?  Happy Super-Aging.

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