Over and Over Again and Again. Our Inner Teachers Love Us Enough to Present Our Karmic Lessons Until We Learn Them.

Our Inner Teachers love us enough to present our karmic lessons until we learn them. They present them over and over again. As Paul Solomon said, “Your Inner Teacher will present the lessons you haven’t learned yet to you over and over again and on a silver platter until you get it.”   http://paulsolomon.com/

So we might as well tackle our lessons and learn them each day they are presented.  If not, the lessons will return and return and return again. Tracking those lessons and attempting a different response each time is worth journal entries. Earlier in the year I talked about journaling as one way to achieve clearer living and Super-Aging.

Learning to respect men has been a large lesson for me for many lifetimes and this lifetime. It has been two fold through many lifetimes:  1. I have considered men as “chicken shits”/cowards for not facing lessons/Hitler/societal rules. 2. I have been disappointed and furious at men (Creating my own war!) for creating unnecessary wars when they could have learned and used diplomacy. Thankfully I have developed many loving equal respectful relationships with colleagues and I still work on this lesson. I work daily at feeling love and compassion for Donald Trump.

I often think that old men in territorial castles earlier and these days’ territorial governments decide to send their too-anxious-to-battle-testosterone-filled-young-men off to battle. I’m hoping the Dalai Lama is correct that when you bring women together they create peace. Hopefully as more women come into positions of power in government, they will create more peace by the end of this century.

In Moelv, Norway I saw an ancient fighting ring that the Vikings used. It made great sense to me. The Moelven community erected  a circle of large stones each about three feet wide and three feet tall. There was a two foot wide walkway between the stones for entry into or escape out of the fighting circle. This may have been a place to settle disputes a kind of dueling place. I was told that a man ready for a fight could enter the ring and fight until his heart was content or until he was in shreds. He could then step or crawl outside the ring to recover, be repaired or die. Anyone inside the circle was fair game for battle. Everyone outside of the circle was safe from attack.

The old west did this with setting up impromptu boxing rings. Unfortunately I do not think it stopped men from gunning each other down in the street. So, I doubt if this fighting circle would work in high crime zones. I could wish. My lesson goes on.

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