Day 161: Phyllis and I Coached Each Other after “Pity Parties” with Goal Setting and Sharing Dreams

Early in 1970 my dearest friend, Phyllis, was the only female long term business consultant in the country. She worked for the most prestigious Park Avenue company in the field and had a famous, helpful but demanding boss. She complained about his erratic demagogic personality. (Phyllis was a member of Mensa, was and had been in classical psychoanalysis 5 days a week for over a decade, and had overcome a diagnosis of teenage schizophrenia.) I was delighted to have such an interesting friend.

I was 29 years old and early in my therapies and therapy studies. I complained about everything. On the Saturday evenings when we were both dateless, we would drink a large pot of Twinning’s Earl Grey tea and eat many English Digestives and laughingly hold our “pity parties”.

HOWEVER: After sharing our perceived pitiful states we also shared our dreams. Remember she was a long term “dreamer”/planner for big businesses. And I am a natural “fixer”. We did long term dreaming and planning that changed our karma quite quickly. That dreaming helped her become brave enough to quit her position and to sell her posh 1 bedroom New York City Upper East Side condo. She accomplished her dream and opened a successful hippie-style Upper West Side book store on Broadway. She bought a 4 bedroom comfortable middle-class apartment a block away from her store. Phyllis passed away four years later from a second bout with cancer after she had happily accomplished her dream job and living situation. I have missed her brilliance, wisdom, compassion and sense of fun and feel honored and blessed that she was a part of my life for approximately 5 years.

Our sharing helped me follow my dreams to become a successful psychotherapist.

Static karma can be overcome with dreaming and planning.

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