Day 162: Phyllis’s Numerologist Thought I Was a Dud. He Doubted His Craft because of Me.

My friend Phyllis whom I wrote about yesterday had a numerologist who stopped by her bookstore daily. He encouraged her to stock more books on numerology. He worked up her numbers in a chart. In fact, he inferred her death in four years. He asked her for the names and birth dates of her best friends. He did numerology charts on that information and told her about us. When he did my numbers, he exclaimed, “I have to meet Ruthann. She’s has extraordinary numbers.” Phyllis arranged my meeting with this person she described as a an opinionated scruffy, older hippie.

By this time I was 30 and doing family therapy and studying several different therapy models. He had set up a small consulting table with two chairs in the basement storage area of the store with Phyllis’ permission. He redid my numbers in front of me knowing that I knew nothing about his craft. He asked me questions about my life all of which were ego deflating no’s for him. I was a dud for him.

Later he told Phyllis his session with me made him doubt the reality of numerology. I wasn’t fulfilling my numbers at age 30. He expected me to be actualizing the numbers as I began to do at 35 by becoming a meditation teacher, past life therapist, healer and interfaith minister—the priestess of wisdom he expected me to be.

He definitely wasn’t a mentor or a coach!  He didn’t explain what I could do with the special master numbers in my chart. He did say I had been a priestess in many past lives which seemed to be foreign information to me. He didn’t inspire me to fulfill numbers.  He did share my hardest lessons. And he did concede that being a teacher and therapist was fulfilling my destiny number of 2.  He didn’t inspire me to make it an 11 or more harmonious and beneficial for “Beauty”.

And thanks to him, I read the book that he told Phyllis was the most important numerology book on her shelves. I was inspired and patient with myself. Numerology has played an important part in my life. I especially find working with the months for decision making and planning my vacations and propitious months for work useful. And in the community of Peace Through Understanding and The School of the Blue Dakini—I trained others to be teachers/healers/priests and priestesses. Hopefully I haven’t been a total dud.

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