Day 164: Over and Over Again, Only the Characters, Settings, and Costumes Change

Handling our more difficult day to day lessons which are often called “Soul Lessons” makes life more interesting, freer, and worth becoming a Super-Ager. I certainly experienced a series of lifetimes when I accused men of being cowards and did that same thing with a lack of compassion early this lifetime. Our repeat lessons when not handled repeat lifetime after lifetime.

The friend/client quoted here talked about this phenomenon of lessons appearing over and over in different settings so clearly. During a 5 month period, I worked with a her once a month helping her get into and resolve past life memories. 

In the 5th month after the 5th regression, she said, “They are all the same plot. This is boring.  It’s the same story. Only the costumes and settings and centuries change. And I’m doing it again this lifetime.” In her repeated plots, she was always the respected domineering person in charge of a large community and usually in a male body. In time everyone turned against her. In ancient times they killed her/him. 

In this lifetime within the week before she came for her session, there was an insurrection at the restaurant she owned and managed with her husband. Everyone on staff including her chef husband wanted her out of the service area and kitchen because of her bossiness and disrespect to workers and patrons. After the session, she agreed and became only the buyer and bookkeeper and began to work more deeply on her “benevolent bossiness”. After three years of working on herself, she bought another restaurant with her husband with a new philosophy of respect and attentiveness. They were successful.

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