Day 166: This Was No James Bond. Our Surroundings Can Rob Us of Vim, Vigor and Vitality

The importance of our surroundings came to me earlier today when I remembered being hosted in a man cave/office/library of a government worker 40 years ago. At his wife’s request I had driven 3 hours from the Shenandoah Valley to Alexandria, VA to give an introductory Inner Light Consciousness lecture to their friends. She invited me to stay in their guestroom after the lecture.

This “guestroom” was banked with wall to wall book shelves which were lined with paperback “murder mysteries” dating back to the 1940’s. Mickey Spillane was forefront. Murder, murder, murder was everywhere in that room. The darkness oozed out of the pages. An atmosphere of creepiness prevailed. Even though I protected myself with the house prayer, I was ill at ease all night. 

There were approximately 25 books on criminology in the library. So, I suspect the gentleman of the house was a CIA or FBI agent. He had that “invisibility cloak” about him that real spies have. He could get lost in a crowd as he was medium everything: medium tall, with medium brown hair, at a medium weight, with medium looks, etc. This was not James Bond.

Uncharacteristically, I was up by 6:00 am and on my way home to the comfort of my own apartment where I had few book shelves lined with holy and self-help books. Even though I had known/read/been lectured to about the fact that our surroundings affected us, this was testimony of how true that teaching is.

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