Day 167: My Friends Warned Me I Would Be Entering a House of Hell and “I Prayed May I Bring Peace Here”

With what do we surround ourselves? That was a topic yesterday when I felt creeped out by thousands of murder mysteries in a guest room. The following vignette happened before I used the motto “May I bring peace, joy, truth, harmony and beauty wherever I go.”

I was a guest of a family in Europe and they were going away for the weekend. When I said that I wasn’t comfortable housesitting in a large home in a strange neighborhood they suggested another family I could stay with. They warned me that it was a “house of hell”.  They warned me that the couple argued constantly throwing vile insults at each in restaurants and even when visiting others. They couldn’t imagine how the couple behaved privately in their own home.

I was determined that I would be an instrument of peace and bring peace to this home. I stood on the stoop and prayed the prayer yet another time before I rang the doorbell.

Dinner was civil.  The two children darted to their rooms right after dinner. During coffee and brandy, the couple acknowledged they had been cruelly snapping at each other. They asked if I would do a family session with them. Again I prayed my prayer internally and agreed (we did stop drinking at that point).

During the session they apologized to each other for the sniping. She confronted him on her suspicion that he was having an affair with his assistant. He FINALLY confessed that he was. He then said to her surprise that it had been going on for 5 years. And if he was divorced, he would marry this assistant.

The wife was actually relieved and no longer felt crazy for all the denials she had received for years. She had not been happy in the marriage for years and had also started an affair.  In that session of an hour and a half, they decided to divorce. He married his assistant. She stopped fooling around inappropriately. And the kids were much happier alternating homes than living in a “house of hell”. She stopped being a “wife and mother” only and finished her degree, found a powerful position in business and did several years of therapy. She has been married to a pillar of society for 30 years.

The thoughts we surround ourselves with create a barrier around us. I think each day we need to make a new decision is it peace (heaven) I bring to life or is it hell?

Being an instrument of peace I’m convinced generally adds to longevity.

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