Day 168: Can You Absorb a Book While You Sleep, Edgar Cayce Style?

I am convinced that learning keeps us young and vibrant and adds to Super-Aging skills. And can we learn in our sleep?

Today’s topic isn’t only about:  “What are your surroundings?” It is also about: What is under your pillow? You may have heard of Edgar Cayce. He experienced that he could place a book under his pillow while sleeping and “absorb” the information. 

While I lived in Virginia Beach it was often mentioned that Edgar Cayce put books he wanted to absorb under his pillow. Paul Solomon, my spiritual teacher and colleague for a few years also followed this process besides skimming the book before sleep.  Paul advised his students to do the same thing.

Shortly after I heard about this process, I finally had time to read a collection of books I had purchased from 1970-1975. The books were on family therapy, Gestalt psychology, popular psychology and self-help theories and techniques. During those years I was extremely busy working as a family and group psychotherapist, teaching classes on body language and family sculpturing and therapy, studying, and consulting. There was extra money to buy a wonderful library and I had little time for reading. This library was kept on built-in-shelving in my Brooklyn apartment bedroom.

I moved to Virginia Beach to begin a new career as a spiritual guide. And when my daughter Laurie was born in 1975, I had time to read.  It was startling to know nothing was new to me in the books shelved in my bedroom all of those years. I knew what was in the books. So, I realized that there is truth in this statement that we can absorb knowledge in our sleep.

This website gives a way to test the theory of absorbing material under your pillow.

I don’t sleep with a book under my pillow. However, I carefully choose the books that are in my bedroom. The book “Enlightenment in the Palm of Your Hand” is now beside my pillow.  I can only hope and pray!

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