Day 171: Yum, Yum for 40 Years—a Bit of Dark Chocolate Everyday

I started eating dark chocolate 40 years ago after visiting a Swiss family.  They had had been invested in the Lindt Company for many years. The gentleman of the family assured me that that dark chocolate was good for people. This was years before the American Scientists published their “findings on the health benefits of dark chocolate in 2011.

Here is a very clear article from Google:

Eating the “prescribed” amount—one serving that is listed on the package each day keeps me happily satisfied.  If I should miss a week for some reason, it is easy then to overindulge. I’ve never thought about this before, it almost seems that my consciousness or body wants to “catch up”. When I am South Beach Diet, I eat only 1 square of the single portion. I enjoy Choceur a brand of chocolate from Germany sold by Aldi Stores. Their rich dark chocolate bars are inexpensive for the purse and luxurious for taste buds.

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