Day 173: Eating for My Blood Type Has Invigorated Me and Therefore Added to Super-Aging.

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Earlier in the year of FREE to be YOUng blog postings I recommended reading and studying the book:  “Eat Right for (4) Your Type, Complete Blood Type Encyclopedia” by Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo with Catherine Whitney. There are also separate books advising dietary choices for each blood type giving the scientific reasons for the dietary recommendations.

Eating for my blood type has invigorated me and decreased sluggishness.  Therefore I do believe it is adding to my Super-Aging.  I am not a purist and I still indulge in a large variety of cheese that is not recommended for me. And basically I stick to the foods advised.

There are SPECIFIC guidelines for how often you could benefit from eating a certain food or food group during the week. I have compiled that list for my blood type on one sheet of paper. I have never followed it. Possibly by the end of this year I will be disciplined enough to give it a try.  I usually eat eggs more often than the 4 days a week recommended. And I eat red meat fewer days than the 4 days recommended.

There is a list of foods recommended for my blood type that I sometimes use at the grocery store. You can pull the list of recommended food for your blood type off from a search engine.

Web MD on D’Adamo’s findings:

As mentioned earlier in the year my friends who followed their blood type diet rigidly discovered that their health, weight and disposition improved remarkably within a month. The benefits continued to increase as they continued the recommendations.

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