Day 174: Planning Meals and Finding Restaurants that Enhance Our Health

When we take the time to examine our physical energy and mental and emotional state after each meal, we can research the foods that enhance our health. Plus we can understand those foods that cause dis-ease/discomfort in the body and mind and that affect our emotional state. 

European restaurants have rigid guidelines on what can be included in their recipes. I never experience feeling sluggish after eating in a European restaurant unless I have overeaten. Almost all of my friends who travel to Europe mention this difference. They feel protected by the European Hospitality Industry.

There are many American restaurants where I refuse to eat.  When I experience water retention and inflammation for three to four days after consuming just one meal at a restaurant, I do not return. I’m suspicious they use MSG as a flavor enhancer and who knows what other stabilizers.

Thank goodness for Pandora.  I never experience ill health or sluggishness after eating at Pandora. Of course, I do wish they would begin to serve more gluten free food. However, they offer a wonderful selection of gluten free options that are health producing.

One restaurant chain announced two and a half years ago they would be phasing out flavor enhancers after several law suits from people who experienced being sickened. I’ve been meaning to try them again. My last experience was so dreadful there I have not braved their menu again even after their announcement.

For a recent celebratory meal Laurie and I went to a classy restaurant chain favored for business dining. I chose the healthiest food for my O blood type that I could –no starches and no gluten.  My meal was delicious and beautiful on the plates. The result was that I was sluggish with swollen legs and ankles for four days after that meal. I will not return. The ambiance and the service was excellent with a bit of glamour, my health was decreased for half a week after that experience.

At lunch this last Friday I ate at the newest and coolest millennial favored restaurant in the area.  I wrote this review:  I was excited to eat at this new real honest food experience. I chose my entree carefully assured that what I was eating was organic and healthy. And these last two days, I have suffered from water retention (which I know is not caused by extra salt, because at home I use salt, soy sauce, Liquid Amino, Gomasio, etc),  So, I’m suspicious they are using some hard to pronounce chemicals in their taste enhancers. This faddish restaurant is now on my long list of restaurants where I won’t eat again.  

It is not only chain restaurants that use chemical enhancers. There are several independent restaurants where I have also experienced feeling “poisoned” by chemicals with long unpronounceable names.

May I suggest to choose your restaurants wisely.

I toast your health and Super-Aging!

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