Day 176: Empty Calories Just Don’t Make Sense to Add to the Diets of Super-Agers

Unfortunately as we age, our metabolism slows down especially if we are not exercising regularly or with enough enthusiasm. After 50 years of meditation which keeps me alpha waves most of the time, low blood pressure, an under-active thyroid and an aversion to huffy-puffy exercise empty calories have no place in my diet. When I indulge throwing good sense aside over a holiday weekend, I can quickly gain four pounds and spend a month taking it off.

Empty calories take up the space in our diet that valuable food sources would normally take. Here is a description of empty calories from Wikpedia:

“In human nutrition, the term empty calories apply to foods and beverages composed primarily or solely of sugar, fats or oils, or alcohol-containing beverages. An example is carbonated soft drinks. These supply food energy but little or no other nutrition in the way of vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber, or essential fatty acids.”

Thanks to raising my daughter Laurie I took most empty calories out of my life 44 years ago. I didn’t eat them when pregnant or when nursing her for her health and mine. When she was older I didn’t eat them in front of her for several reasons:

  1. I didn’t want her to think they were viable food sources.
  2. I didn’t want her to think of empty calorie foods as options in our home.

There were some exceptions.  On the road when I hadn’t packed enough snacks, we would get small bags of baked potato chips. She did eat small packages of Pepperidge Farm Goldfish for snacks as a teenager. And I often snack Friday evenings on the healthiest corn chips I can find often with flax seed. I eat them either with salsa, or guacamole or hummus amusing myself with the thought: “This is almost healthy.” Cakes and cookies are reserved for parties. Recently I found four packages of outdated gluten free cookies that I had purchased for late night snacks.   It was reassuring to know that I had broken that snacking habit.

That’s my story. This posted in encouragement that you might want to join the Super-Aging movement and remove most of the empty calories from your cupboards, freezer and diet.

Drinking lemon water and toasting: To Your Health.

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