Day 176: Overeating Stresses Our Liver, Heart, Lungs and Other Internal Organs with Pressure, Our Stomach with Stretching. It Overtaxes the Entire Digestive System. It Doesn’t Do a Great Deal for My Self-Esteem Either.

Oops, a day late again–had to work on my confession here: While contemplating this topic, I have regretfully realized I overeat for my system every day. This has been a rude awakening, a very rude awakening. In discussing dieting with a colleague last Friday, she jolted when I said I can’t lose weight eating a protein diet at 1200 calories. Her, “Wow,” helped me realize two things: I have successfully slowed my mind and body down to that of a spiritual teacher by being in: alpha brain waves, having a lowered pulse, doing yogic breathing most of the day. Add on that I have an under-active thyroid and do too little walking–seldom getting in the advised 7,500 steps a day which I do at a pokey 2.5 miles an hour–plus I seldom get my heart beat up with my exercises of choice: Tai Chi, Honey Dancing, Classical Stretch and Chi Gong. All graceful and elegant movements that do not raise my heart beat!

So, I have had to admit that when I am eating my usual fare of 1200 calories a day (which I usually don’t count by the way), I am overeating.  Really I am under-exercising. I won’t give up my elegant exercises that move health-giving-chi at hopefully a vibrant-glowing level in my body. Grimacing as I write this. I’ve got to get my body moving fast every other day! End of confession. Let’s see what I do with this realization of eating too much for my system during the next 6 months of the blog!

When I returned from living in Europe I was shocked by the size of American restaurant meals. I quickly understood that you requested a box to take the food home for tomorrow’s quick lunch. One restaurant meal in Arlington has provided me with three and a half meals several times. I was also shocked when Laurie and I bought our first set of American dishes. The dinner plates were huge by European standards. We donated those plates to a thrift shop when we realized we were filling them up. I have created a set of dishes with lunch plates and glorified salad plates. With these plates it is easier to create reasonable portion sizes.

Overeating is so easy in the United States. And obesity does seem to be the result. I keep myself just “south” of obesity since it is so difficult for me to lose weight. When people I knew in Europe rave that I haven’t changed. I chuckle to myself and remember that I am 10-20 pounds heavier than when they knew me.

There is a weight that I refuse to go above. When I reach that weight, I watch every bite I eat until I’m safely 4 pounds below that “heavy target” weight.

Gorging is something I gave up when I started using the Fit For Life method of separating carbs from proteins at one meal. Some Thanksgiving meals I’ll actually have a salad, turkey, green veggie meal and four hours later have the starchy vegetable, dressing, cranberry, potato and gravy meal.

Here is an article on overeating I found helpful:

A really direct and sensible article:

Wishing us all sensible and healthy eating.

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