Day 181: Avoiding My Drug of Choice with Stevia or Truvia. And Other Artificial Sweetener Choices.

Another posting a day late—here’s why:

Sharing how I would approach artificial sweeteners was a puzzlement to me I avoided the computer yesterday. Since this topic affects my life daily I understood that I needed to share how I avoid using sugar. To my surprise every time I think about artificial sweeteners that are found in pastel blue, yellow and pink packets on restaurant tables, my nose twitches a bit. My lips clamp tightly and my mouth becomes an elongated straight line. Yes, my Subby– my sub-conscious finds artificial sweeteners disgusting.

To my relief several restaurants are now offering green packets of stevia in the bowls of sweeteners. I have been using some form of stevia, either Stevia, the brand; or my favorite brand , Truvia in packets for the last 21 years. Ordinarily there are several packets in my purse. If not, I most often will reach for the raw sugar (remember that is my drug of choice) packet for a coffee treat.

My belief is that using this natural sweetener found as a weed in Columbia aids my ability to be a Super-Ager.  A tiny leaf of the plant is violently sweet. A half a packet of Truvia goes into my small gluten free baking projects. In my kitchen packets of Truvia sweeten berries, chia pudding, hot chocolate in the winter and cinnamon, turmeric almond milk once or twice a week and sometimes coffee. I use less than a pound of sugar a year for baking purposes–usually a Christmas project.

If you are interested in researching this topic here is an article called:  Artificial Sweeteners Good or Bad? By Healthline.

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