July 4, Day 185: Kuzu in Your Diet Can Add Vim, Vigor, Health and Longevity to Your Life

Now, I understand my miraculous overnight cure from the thickened “miso soup” mentioned on Day 183. After doing some elementary research on kuzu (also known as kudzu): https://cookingwithyoshiko.com/what-is-kuzu-kudzu-and-why-you-want-to-start-using-it/ I am not going to grouch about the price again! It is a Macrobiotic staple that needs long processing before it becomes a quick use ingredient in a modern kitchen. Andrea obviously knew that kuzu added to a miso soup could relieve/eliminate cold and flu symptoms and muscle weakness/stiffness.

There are 15 areas of home health care listed on the web link above. Beside helping to prevent colds and flu and to relieve stiff muscles, kuzu has even been used:

to calm hyperactive children

to treat alcoholism

and to reduce inflammation

The Eden company website advises how to use kuzu: “A strengthening, healthy starch for thickening …  Always dissolve it in a cold liquid before adding it to anything hot. Stir constantly when heating until the milky white becomes clear. Fat and sodium free.”

The macrobiotic ingredient kuzu comes in small powdery chunks.  It is a product from the kuzu root, the largest in the world, often weighing 200 pounds. It can replace flour, arrowroot starch, potato starch and tapioca starch as thickeners.

Besides adding kuzu to miso when I have felt weak, I have used it to thicken apple and cherry juice and to create a soft pudding of berries and stevia for a bit of winter sweetness.

The following site lists 30 plus amazing health benefits of kuzu, kudzu!


I will be using kuzu more often for Super—Aging.

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