Day 186: More on Miso. I Sold It Short! It Is a Complete Protein, a Digestive Aid and Does It Reduce the Risk of Several Cancers?

After further perusing the book MACROBIOTIC HOME REMEDIES by Mishio Kushi and edited by Marc Van Cauwenberghe, M.C., I realized that I sold miso short. So, I return to this topic of using miso. It has many healing properties.

Additionally, miso is a complete protein with all of the amino acids. It aids digestion and restores beneficial probiotics to the intestines. It is a vegetarian source of B vitamins. It purportedly strengthens the blood and lymph fluid, the immune system, plus reducing the risk of several cancers.  It helps to lower LDL cholesterol, protects against radiation and free radicals. Here is the reference to that information:

Here is Danny Waxman’s recipe for miso soup (remember it is to be a thin broth) to which I add a small teaspoon of umeboshi paste and sometimes one green onion. He simmers miso.  I was told it should never boil and to turn the heat off just before adding the miso paste.

A Miami macrobiotic consultant who followed a diet of pure whole foods based on Taoist principles of the balance of yin and yang taught me to make the following spread which I enjoy when it is above 90 degrees in Virginia.

2/3 tahini paste to 1/3 brown miso

Add grated garlic and ginger to taste.

It is delicious on rice crackers, bread, vegetable sticks and cooked vegetables.

I tip my tahini-miso-spread cracker to you: To your health, vitality and longevity.

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