Day 188: Flaxseeds “The Most Useful” Are another Super-Food for Creating Super-Aging

Almost everything said in yesterday’s blog about chia seeds can be said of flax seed—except the two colors are golden and dark brown.  Flaxseed is another Super-food high in fiber, antioxidants, essential nutrients, and protein. Charlemagne, “Charles the Great ordered his subjects to eat flax seeds for their health. So it’s no wonder they acquired the name Linum usitatissimum, meaning ‘the most useful.’” By the way, he lived to the ripe age of 72 in the early 700’s.

Here is an article on the top 10 Benefits of Flaxseed by Verena Tan, RD, PhD:

Their nutrient content is similar to chia seeds and their use is not so different. Both are popularly used in smoothies. I find the texture and taste of chia seeds and flaxseed quite different. I prefer flaxseed in baked goods.

Ground flaxseed is often substituted for flour in gluten free baking or is used as part of a flour mixture. I find this adapted wrap recipe versatile, quick and filling.

Flaxseed Wrap from WHEAT BELLY COOKBOOK by  William Davis, MD

3 T. ground golden flaxseed meal

1 egg

1T water

1T coconut oil

¼ teaspoon baking powder

Add salt, onion flakes or garlic powder and herbs for a savory wrap. Or add a pinch of salt, stevia and cinnamon for a sweet wrap.

Davis suggests micro waving.  I don’t like micro waving so I suggest:

Use parchment paper to line an oven proof skillet and bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 9 minutes.

Sometimes I actually make a mini “pizza” out of it adding feta and/or mozzarella cheese, olives, chopped onion and chopped bell pepper. 

Today I took an almond and golden flaxseed meal focaccia loaf from Davis’s book to a potluck church picnic in the park today. I cut it into inch wide slivers. It was popular.

Again, to your health by eating Charlemagne’s “most useful” ingredient.

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