Day 190: Another Super Food. Today It Is Almonds. Virginia Beach Rumors that They Prevent the “C” Word.

Slowly through 5 decades many super-foods have become incorporated (usually through the advice of friends) into my diet. Buying, stocking, storing and eating this way is so common place that I generally do not credit these foods for creating my feeling 45 years of age rather than my chronological 78 years of age. I now suspect that eating these health foods besides practicing meditation, positive thinking, prayer and a modicum of exercise contribute to my Super-Aging which is what this blog is all about.

Today’s Super-food is almonds. This week I realized that I have consistently eaten 6-11 almonds almost daily for 41 years. I lived in and around Virginia Beach, Virginia for 8.5 years. You cannot be in the spiritual-health aspiring community of Virginia Beach for more than a few days before you are aware that in the psychic readings of Edgar Cayce, his “source” advised eating 2-3 almonds a day—whisper, whisper, supposedly because it “might”, “does”, “could” prevent getting cancer.

During a 40 day retreat with The Fellowship of Inner Light in 1977 in the Eastern West Virginia Appalachian Mountains our group ate 6 sprouted almonds once a day. We would fill a quart jar with raw almonds and add pure water and soak them overnight. Then we would keep the jar in the dark and rinse the almonds every 12 hours until they were slightly sprouted. I’ve not continued that practice. However, this did start me on the path of having almonds in my cupboard at all times. My preference is Marcona Almonds with rosemary and while delicious they are not raw. I consider them one of my junk foods.

Several times a month, I take a small palm full which is almost always 11 raw almonds and soak them in a pretty shot glass overnight.  This process softens them. I enjoy them on my yogurt in the morning. Otherwise I pop about 6 raw almonds into my mouth daily as a snack as I busy myself around the kitchen.

No one really knows if they prevent cancer. However, from Earl Mindell, R. Ph., Ph.D., ANTI-AGING BIBLE: “…a major study of 26,000 members of the Seventh Day Adventist Church showed that those who ate almonds, peanuts and walnuts at least six times a week had an average life span 7 years longer than the general population.” Loma Linda is one of the Blue Zones on the planet for longevity. One Third of Seventh Day Adventists live in that area. One article I read said that the Adventists die of the same diseases as other people do, just a 8-10 years later than the general population.

Eating a palm full of organic dark chocolate covered raw almonds is a delicious way to consume two super-foods.

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1 thought on “Day 190: Another Super Food. Today It Is Almonds. Virginia Beach Rumors that They Prevent the “C” Word.

  1. Good tip Ruthann. When I eat almonds between meals they help curb my appetite so I’m not snacking so much.

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