Day 191: Apricot Kernels: Are They a Health Food and/or Toxic?

There is such a thing as bitter almonds and they are only used for their oil for liquors or flavorings. They grow in the Middle East and are toxic.  In the US from what I can understand we call apricot kernels, bitter almonds. many people consider them toxic in large quantities. Some psychic healers have stated that three of them a day will help in avoiding cancer.

I seldom have them in my pantry, currently I do. They taste terrible to me—definitely they are bitter.  I eat three a day when my intuition guides me to do so. How’s that for abracadabra? I’d rather stick to my 6 sweet almonds a day.

If you want to learn more about the distinction between different almonds and kernels, here is a rather complete article.

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