Day 191: Green Tea: The Healthiest Beverage on the Planet with 17 Scientific Benefits

According to many studies green tea is the healthiest beverage on the planet. I have read numerous sources that suggest we should be drinking 5-6 cups of it a day to achieve longevity, Super-Aging.

This Healthline web article lists 10 proven benefits of green tea.

This Sunsafe article (after their advertising) lists 17 awesome and medically researched benefits of drinking green tea:

Green tea has been part of my Super-Aging process.  Daily I only drink 2 cups of interestingly flavored green tea because I have disliked it for nearly 7 decades. While writing this post it has come to my attention that blessing those 2 cups of green tea at lunch would be wiser than my current approach of thinking “Yuck, this is dreaded medicine.” After reading the 17 benefits of drinking green tea today, I’m working on convincing myself to drink 4 cups  a day.

I do feel good after drinking green tea. God isn’t finished with me and the subject of green tea yet!

Hopefully you will find it easier to drink than I do and I hope you get those 17 benefits.

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