Day 193: Castor Oil Is Known as WONDER OIL in The Netherlands

Castor Oil is more than a laxative.  Much more than that.  The Dutch call it “Wonder Oil”. Edgar Cayce extolled it’s wonders in so many of his psychic readings there are actually several books on the healing powers of castor oil. Here is one that is highly recommended.

With the proverbial question: “What would you take to a desert island?” I would take castor oil.

As in the case of so many of my Super-Aging potions, I was introduced to castor oil as a healing agent when I moved to Virginia Beach, the home of the Edgar Cayce library in 1975. The advice given by everyone in the know was: purchase the best and purest form that can be found in a health-food store. That was generally The Heritage Store brand.

I never use it as a laxative—not since being forced to take it by my parents. My childhood word “yucky” comes up from my subconscious when I think of that use. If it is pleasing for you, great.

When I have a disturbing cough, castor oil slathered on my chest under an old tee-shirt works—yes, wonders.

When I feel an earache coming on: I heat a soup spoon of castor oil over a stove burner and use a Q-tip to coat the inside of my ear with the oil. Then I take a cotton ball and smooth the remainder of the warm oil all around both ears. In the morning the earache is gone 95% of the time. I have no idea how it heals an ear infection and am always delighted for the relief and to not have to take an antibiotic course.

For neck and throat aches, it gets slathered in that area while I wear an old turtle neck to bed. Almost always there is total relief when I awaken.

If I have a burn, castor oil works better than aloe does on my body. Laurie had a second degree burn all over her chest as a toddler and I slathered it with castor oil. The next morning her skin was normal with no scarring. It truly is a wonder oil in my family.

There are many more uses—castor oil packs were suggested by Cayce for cleansing different body parts of toxins. Directions for that usage can be found in the books.

Castor oil is stored in my refrigerator for freshness since I seldom need it.

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